One day this kid will get larger
Edited by Danny Orendorff
Designed by Charles Ryan Long
Manuscript edited by Susan Davidson
Printed by Topweb

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Table of Contents
Director’s Forward – Julie Rodrigues Widholm
One day this kid will get larger – Danny Orendorff
Artist Project: Untitled (our fight has just begun) – Rami George
“For My Daughter” – Shan Kelley
On Borrowed Time – Revisited” – Katja Heinemann
“Reflections On Another Image: Black Teens Coming of Age” – Lenn Keller
Artist Project: A Repetition of Survival – Demian DinéYazhi’
Artist Project: You Came Here – Demian DinéYazhi’

Central Insert within Print Copies: Nancy Raegan is Killing Me, zine by Charles Ryan Long (offset printed at The Center for Book, Paper & Print at Columbia College, Chicago)