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I’ll be heading out to Washington, D.C., and then off to Harrisonburg, VA, to give some talks on my work and research, mostly having to do with my thesis on Allyson Mitchell; Permanently Outraged but Always Tender. Allyson Mitchell: Self Care, Craft & Country.

First up is American University to be part of the 3rd Annual Feminist Art History Conference, where I’ll be speaking on Saturday, November 11, from 11:15am – 1pm on a panel called ‘Erotic Crises & Feminist Agency.’ Download the program hereWhitney Chadwick from SFSU is giving the keynote Friday night, which should be pretty dope! Also: from this point on I think I should mandate that all panels or presentations I appear on include the word ‘erotic’ – it seems only fitting.

Then I’m off to James Madison University, where Jesse Harrod (great friend, even better artist) will be hosting me as a Visiting Curator – or something like that. Anyhow, she teaches there now. I’ll be talking about the thesis, and the All Good Things… & Suggestions… shows, as well as doing studio-visits and a round-table discussion on Julia Bryan Wilson’s “Grit & Glitter” article on the Cockettes – which figures a lot into my thinking on queer DIY, et. al.

Feeling a bit under-prepared and confused by the “professional level” of these talks, but will be getting it together all week long. How much of professional development actually amounts to ‘fake it till you make it’ type experiments in public presentations of things you privately ruminate? How many excruciating gigs and talks and stuff add up to a career? Ha! We’ll find out, and I’m starting to try for more rehearsed preparedness….